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PerPro is the forum for news and information in the fast changing world of regulation for professionals involved in the property market.  Solicitors and others are affected by major changes to the way in which regulation operates whilst statutory requirements increase. 


The Legal Services Act 2007 affects the way in which legal services will be delivered. Many new firms and styles of trading will appear.  'Solicitor Regulation by SRA' outlines the ongoing changes to professional rules.


The format and style of firms adopted for selling legal services will be hard to recognise for consumers who may be confused and find it hard to work out what service really meets their true needs. Working out what service is likely to offer real value for money will get harder and not easier. 


This is a challenge to established firms whose clients may try out new offers believing that they will be better, by price or service. There is nothing wrong with that if the shopper knows what to look out for.  PerPro offers consumer help and insights in the section 'Of Public Interest'.

In property markets Estate Agents find themselves in need of guidance to deal with referral fees and consumer protection legislation that affects their everyday activities.

Solicitors grapple with the challenges presented by identity fraud and mortgage fraud. Land Registry  improvements to E-Conveyancing continue slowly in a post recession market. 

















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